Comment from recent retreat where Kathy spoke on Free to be Me –

Thank you, Kathy, for allowing the Lord to speak through you in such a powerful yet loving way, not only in your speaking ministry but also in your lifestyle.  You are my crazy-in-love-with-Jesus heroine!  I know the Holy Spirit was with us, reminding us of His power.  There were many who were set free that night.  And there were some of us whose eyes were opened to the fact that our churches are filled with “happy” faces of people who are broken inside. – Tara

Thank you!  You made me feel every emotion that God has given any human being.  You are a much gifted lady! ~ Judy

Thank you for allowing God to use you, even during your cancer journey.  You are a testimony to God!!!  To His faithfulness, His peace during the storm and His goodness!  He truly brings beauty from ashes!!  Your transparency last night was beautiful!  We truly caught a glimpse of HIM through you.  Thank you for being you – real and honest! ~Karen

You truly were awesome on Sunday night!  It was a powerful testimony to trust God no matter what situation you are in.  God has so gifted you with the ability to speak to groups with charisma and grace.  That is very unusual! ~Sandra

I am still in awe of your sharing at our “Ladies Night Out!” You are so willing to open your heart and share from the depths of your life experiences…so few can do that…some because they fear rejection…others because they are simply too shy and choose to live in a world of “pretense.” You are so giving of yourself in your sharing so we who hear are so blessed! ~Faylene

All the thank you notes in the world would not be sufficient to express my gratitude for you and all you did at the retreat!  It was so obvious God was present and I know it’s because it was covered in prayer…mainly due to your prayer team.  I know you put your whole heart and hundreds of hours into preparing for this and it was truly amazing.  Again, I am truly in awe of God’s work in your life and where He is taking you.  I do acknowledge that it is all God, but He is using you as the vehicle!  So, again thank you for everything.  I know it was effective and that lives were touched by the words God gave you. ~Debbie, Women’s Ministry Director

You did an amazing job and were entertaining all at the same time.  I am so thankful you were able to speak!  I truly enjoyed it and do know that the Lord was present! ~Raelene

You are so transparent and it is awesome how our God flows so genuinely through you.  Your talk on Friendship was a marvelous demonstration of what a godly friendship can be.  It was also good to think about having a friend for a specific reason or for a certain season in life.  I realized that sometimes the desire for a “friend for life” is so strong that I miss the friends that cross my path for a particular time or a particular purpose.  I want to more readily see the goodness of God through all the friendships He allows in my life. ~Sarah

I just want to say thank you for letting God show up big in you today.  I’m not sure about Him wearing the pink coat and rhinestone buckle, but He didn’t seem to mind…It could not have been better!  God WAS awesome and women listened.  I was encouraged “to do it anyway” even though I am too busy to appreciate the godly friendships I have in my life.  I have received phone calls and emails from young women that were there who were convicted about their friendships and how they handle them.  God is soooo good and I am thankful that you let Him use you just as you are because He wouldn’t have it any other way! ~Jerre, Women’s Ministry Director

“I want to express my appreciation to you for sharing her heart to our ladies.  You are truly an example of “being sold out to Christ.” Your comments were insightful and very encouraging to us as mothers and grandmothers on the power of prayer, on God’s control in our lives and His attention to our request and concerns on behalf of our children.  Your explanation of the Worldwide Mom’s Day of Prayer ministry and how God led you to begin this movement is just one example of what God can do when one woman surrenders herself, her time, her talents, and treasures to Him.” ~Carol

“I just wanted to let you know how much I needed your talk on Prayer.  With my arm and headaches and other “stuff” – I was ready to give up, throw in the towel and just call it quits.  Thanks for helping me remember that “anything He brings us to, he’ll be faithful to see us through.”

What a joy and pleasure it was to have you speak at our recent Mother/Daughter breakfast.  You seemed to know exactly what our group needed.  Our Group Leaders had been praying that the words you spoke would be those that would bring encouragement and hope to everyone.  I believe the Lord truly honored our prayers.  You could just sense the Spirit of the Lord in your words.  I sense that you really do spend a lot of time in prayer.  Many of your illustrations hit so close to home that it was easy to relate to you.  Your down to earth personality was one that made us all feel very comfortable and drawn into the words you spoke.  As the time drew to a close, I felt that I had made yet another friend for life in Christ. ~Janice, Women’s Ministry Directory

“Loving Your Husband Makes Sense” was one of the BEST workshops I have EVER been to!  God has given you such a speaking and teaching gift combined with godly wisdom and humor!  Incredible! ~Teresa